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The Definitive Guide To Replacement Doors In The UK [Guide]

Doors are the gateway to our home and our lives, they say a lot about us. They are designed to protect us, yet at the same time, welcome visitors. 

British doors have evolved alongside current trends, often influenced by the monarchy, house size and wealth. They range from inexpensive uPVC to exclusive bespoke designs, such as a single piece of Oak. 

There are two main types of door, interior and exterior. Exterior doors are designed to protect us from the elements, theft and intruders; they’re waterproof, strong, and aesthetically pleasing. Interior doors divide rooms and offer privacy.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are usually made of composites, uPVC or, more rare nowadays, solid wood. All have different pros and cons and are suited to different houses, budgets and needs.

Reclaimed and Wooden Doors

Wood is natural, warm and durable. But to stay that way, it must be regularly maintained. Wood will rot fast if any water is allowed to penetrate - and that includes hardwood doors.

Today we like to personalise our homes, and a wooden door can do that, with its unique, grain, each door is different. But composites have caught up fast and there is no doubt they are superior in every respect.

Reclaimed and antique doors are often used in restoration projects, but can be hard to find and fairly expensive. 

Composite Doors

Composite doors are the newest type of door, and extremely popular. They are strong, durable and require very little maintenance. 

Composite doors come in a huge variety of colours, styles and sizes; they are designed to make your home look great and to give excellent curb appeal. 

Composite doors are made from several types of materials, including uPVC, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and insulating foam, glued together under high pressure to give a strong and secure point of entry to your home. The combination of materials is also highly energy efficient and insulating including high sound-proofing.. 

uPVC Doors

uPVC doors are secure, durable and low maintenance, and made from a single material: plastic. There are various uPVC designs and colours but these choices are more limited than with composite doors.

uPVC doors are probably the cheapest option to go for and still add a great touch to the appearance of your house.

Fibreglass Doors

Fibreglass doors are also an option, but in terms of availability, choice and maintenance, uPVC and Composite are the preferred choice.

Door Styles

Once you have decided on the type of door you can chose a style to suit your house: from raised panels to flat panels, glass panels to fielded panels, moulded doors and shaped doors.

Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Style Doors

From the 1700s doors tended to come with various styles of panelling, from the imposing Georgian to classic Victorian. Over time beautiful fanlights appeared at the top of the massive six panelled Georgian doorways typical of that period to let light into the hallways.

The Victorians added elaborate carvings to the door frame and panels and stained them to make them look like hardwood.

By the Edwardian era intricately stained and etched glass panels were popular, with red and green being the most common colours. 

These styles are all available in composite materials so you can usually find the style you're looking for.

Modern Styles

After the 1920s modern, contemporary and mass-produced styles became available. These include Glass, Composite and aluminium style doors as well as modern reproductions of Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.

There's enough variety and style out there for a really personalised front door if that's what you're after.

Stable Doors

Stable doors (called Dutch doors in the USA) make for an interesting front or back door - particularly suitable for opening into your garden.

They are available in composite, which we'd recommend, and are made to look highly authentic.

They have a split opening; open the top half whilst keeping the bottom closed. Useful if you have a toddler you need to keep inside but want to let light into your kitchen.

Stylish and Modern: French, Sliding and Bi-Fold doors

Used for larger openings these doors add luxury, light and space to your home, opening onto a patio or garden or joining two interior rooms. 

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi Fold doors tend to be three or more glass panels that seamlessly open the inside of your house to the outside or join two rooms together. They let in natural light and allow you to enjoy ‘outside’ living. The doors fold back on each other, often along a track, saving space.

Outdoor facing doors are double-glazed and are made from many different materials, aluminium being a great choice due its strength combined with lighter weight.

The doors can be flush, panelled, or louvered and can also include internally sealed and manually adjustable blinds.

Visit Custom Choice Windows showroom to see how incredible these bi-folding doors are: https://customchoicewindows.co.uk/contact/

French Doors

Stylish and popular, French doors are hinged double doors, usually opening onto a patio or into a main room, but can be used as a unique front door.

They add a charming touch to any house. Of the many styles to choose from glass panelled doors are always popular, they let light into a room and create a stunning entrance.

Many French door designs still reflect their early inspiration from the Italian Renaissance.

Sliding Doors

These large doors slide into each other, saving space, opening up your house and letting in light. Sliding doors often have glass panels but can also be used to divide rooms or screen off closets.

Interior Doors

Interior doors vary in style, material and design as they do not need the same security features as exterior doors (apart from fire-proofing).

Wood, composites and glass are the most common materials and styles include sliding, bi-fold, flush doors, and panel doors (the latter being the most common).

Visit Custom Choice Windows showroom to learn more about the different styles of internal and external doors available.

Door Furniture

Door Knockers

There's many ways to enhance your front door including heavy duty door knockers. Back in the days before electricity they were vital, but these days they are more of a decoration, however, they are still functional and will enhance the appearance of any house old or modern.

Door Knobs

Door knobs and door handles are a vital part of any door and were patented around 1878.

There are literally hundreds of doorknobs and lever door handles to choose from, small and simple to ornate and eye-catching. When choosing door knobs or levers take into account the space available and the style of your door.

Door Locks and Security

Last but not least is door security. There are many locking mechanisms available. Most exterior door handles have locking mechanisms built in to them, but if not, the secure door types available today, fitted with a mortice and night latch will keep your house safe.

A five-lever deadbolt or mortice lock is mounted within the door and cannot be moved whilst the door is closed, making it far safer than old style locks.

There are many customised and super secure locks on the market with extra layers of security embedded in them as well. The more secure the door and locking mechanism, the less you'll pay on house contents insurance.

Composite and UPVC doors have their own multi point locks as standard, these are the securest of locks and ensure the door is secure on all four sides.

Door Viewers

Peephole style door viewers installed in your front door let you know who is calling allowing you to avoid unwanted guests as well as checking on who's calling.

A door chain is also useful for checking a visitor's ID before allowing them full access to your house.

Video, facial recognition technology and Smart doors allow you to see who is calling without them being aware anyone is in. It's also possible to attach electronic door opening devices to let visitors in. This is useful if you have mobility problems.

Custom Choice Windows

Whatever type of door you're looking for, contact Custom Choice Windows on 01733 896388 or visit their showroom and find out more about the types of doors available as well as the cost of replacing existing doors.

If you are looking to replace your front door and are looking for a stylish yet secure option, why not take a look at our range of PVC doors?


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